Since 1997, Hangzhou Transasia Company have been developing, manufacturing trampolines and trampoline accessories. In last 20 years our team continuously developing, designing, and manufacturing our products. As the leader of the industry we committed to provide the artistic workmanship to our customers in most rich experience. 
Base on twenty years industry (industrial ) experience, we have more than 80,000 square meter factory in Hangzhou China, over 400 staff, excellent design team, quality control team and supply chain team. we embrace the ISO 9001 international quality management system and BSCI factory audit certification, to more efficiently control and manage our factory. 
In 2010, Transasia started our E-commerce business in the US. Super Jumper Inc has provided the US customers with the best trampolines and trampoline accessories online, our main partners include amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, Hayneedle, Houzz and etc. 
Our team continuously focusing on products developing, designing, superior materials, manufacturing and customer service. It's our goal to provide our customers competitive prices, higher quality, and prompt delivery in both Europe and America markets. We truly believe communications between our departments is the key to success, we also consistently revisit customer's feedback and suggestions to achieve the goal for customers satisfaction.
In order to ensure our products meeting the lab test for different market requirements, we appoint a nationally recognized and certified third party testing company to perform the safety test according to most current market standards. We also pay great attention in today's fast moving technology world, take  every opportunity to improve and invest better and safer trampolines.
All of our current products are successfully passed EN-71 stander test, not only we continue to perform regular routing test, also allow unexpected random physical and chemical inspection on our raw material from time to time.
In order to keep our test database update, our team keeps long term communication and cooperation with the third party testing and design organization to ensure that we only manufacture the safest trampoline. In the meantime, we cooperate with the relevant test lab in the university to design our trampoline from different perspective to ensure providing our customers more and better options. 
The safe quality of product is the most important part we pay attention to, all of our products are designed, superior materials and manufacturing by EN-71 standard, and pass the third party test. In order to ensure the safety and high quality standard of our products, we are insisting on high superior materials standard, we conduct regular and random physical and chemical inspection on our raw material from time to time in a regular basis.
Currently our customers are in all over the main market of the world, our products stand the test from the customer and market in the past more than a decade year, owing the marketing share for our partner, owing ourselves a sterling reputation.
Today, our vendors and customers are all over the world, ore products are most welcomed and recognized in the consumer market, therefore Transasia become most reputable company in the industry in the last decade. 

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